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We offer all the essential services you'd expect of a live party band at a wedding. We provide 2 hours of live music, play party music between sets via a laptop or ipod, very high quality sound and light systems and on top of all that we're genuine guys who are fun and interactive with the crowd, both on and off stage!

"Thanks so much for everything. You made our wedding day so special and got everyone up having a good old dance! You were hugely professionally and really accommodating on the run up to the day as well as on the day, which was great. Thanks also for learning the song for our first dance. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants a band for their wedding. Cheers!"

Kickstarters band for hire London Kickstarters wedding band for hire London

Essential Wedding Services

As we said above, we offer all the essential options as standard to make sure you have a great wedding party without breaking the bank.

  • Perform two sixty minute sets of live party music from our repertoire
  • Arrive at your venue at 6pm
  • Background (non-live) music before, between and after our live sets until midnight
  • Very high quality sound system & lighting rig


Additional Options

And for those of you who want us to go the extra mile:

  • DJ service (manned by one of us)
  • After midnight finish
  • Additional live music sets during guests arriving/ceremony/drinks reception/meals
  • Learn a song/first dance song
  • Live music for awards ceremonies at corporate events


Call 0845 094 3815
or click here to email
Call 0845 094 3815
or click here to email


What We'll Do At Your Wedding

Arrival, set up and soundcheck

Firstly it's very helpful to have an event manager or one of the venue staff to come and greet us as we arrive. This is so we know where to 1) park the van and 2) find the stage. Once that is sorted we'll unload the van and begin to set up. Unloading our equipment usually takes us, with good access, half an hour. Allow up to 1hr if access is more taxing, e.g. not on the first floor.

All our gear should now be set up, tuned and tested it all works. Straight after tuning we'll get on with a quick, full volume sound check. This is important to get the correct levels and an equal balance of instruments coming through the PA. Sound checking is also a massive importance to test any sound limiters in place at your chosen venue.

Please read this blog to learn more about sound limiters at venues and how they can effect your event.

1st live set & break

The first dance is normally performed at teh very beginning of the first set, usually at between 8 and 8:30pm. If you choose for us to learn a first dance song in advance of your special day, we will happily oblige. This can really make your first dance special, however if you prefer we can play a first dance song from our repertoire for no extra cost.

We'll continue to invite everyone else onto the dance floor where they'll remain for the duration of the first set...believe us, they will!

We'll play until it's time to have a short break. The 30-40 minute interval gives both you and us chance to have a rest and refreshments - also a good time to serve a buffet!

Background music will be played through our PA to keep the party atmosphere going and if you've upgraded to our DJ service then we will have a band member man the decks (laptop & mic) to take requests and make announcements. 

After set up & soundcheck

Right. We've got a good balanced mix and we've ironed out any issues with the dreaded sound limiters (if there is one). It's time to rest and get something to eat.

We may have come along way to play at your wedding, we may have just come from around the corner, however we do ask (politely) that you provide us with a hot meal and refreshments throughout the evening - we're not as fussy as celebrity rockstarts, so just a secure room, a meal and soft drinks would be very much appreciated!

After something to eat, we'll get changed into our stage clothes. We will agree with you what we wear in advance of the day of your event. For weddings it's usually formal attire.

2nd live set & end of the night

At 10-11pm we will return to the stage to begin the second hour of live music. 

Having completed our 2 hours -maybe more if you scream loud enough, we will show our gratitude to the crowd and put our instruments down. 

If we're done before midnight, we'll keep the music going via the laptop and PA until the clock strikes 12am. If you've opted for a late finish we can continue to play music until the agreed time.

When the music ends we can begin to pack away our kit. It usually takes us 1 hour to pack up and load the van, ready to set off home - but not before thanking the newly weds and organisers for having us!

We hope we made your wedding that extra bit unforgettable!

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss things with us in greater detail, please feel free to get in touch with our agents at Alive Network on, 0845 094 3815, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.


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